Computer Classes

In October 2012, we introduced a weekly basic computer training to the community, including three classes: one for children, one for teenagers, and one for adults. Each class has around ten participants. The training lasted for eight weeks. Classes met for an hour each Saturday.

Participants learned basics including:
- Parts of computer
- How to use USB flash drive
- How to navigate operating system
- How to surf internet
- How to use Microsoft Word for creating documents
- How to print documents

The student with the best performance and full attendance was awarded a used computer at the end of training.

We plan to run new training courses quarterly, or as needs arise.

Food Handler Course

We conduct a regular training class in proper food handling. The class takes place in two half-days. The size of the class is about fifteen people.

The curriculum includes:
- How to prevent contamination
- How to transport food from place to place
- How to maintain personal hygiene
- How to sanitize kitchen
- Different types of contamination
- Food preservation
- Pesticide control

Past Trainings

Other trainings that we have given include:
- Financial Management
- Hygiene
- Personal Health Care
- Exercising
- Wood working
- Construction skills

Computer Class in session.