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JEM Ministries is committed to share God's love with people of all cultures and to help them in areas where needed most.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a Community Center where the following can be established: Orphanage, Vocational Training Center, Community Kitchen, Warehouse, Medical Clinic, Place of Worship, Gymnasium, and Playground. Thousands of families have been helped through JEM Ministries in its years of existence. We strive to keep providing these services to underprivileged families.


Our Beliefs

We believe that the Bible was inspired by God and we are created in God's image. The One God, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. All men have sinned and have come short of the Glory of God. But God has made salvation possible through the bloodshed and death of Jesus on the cross of Calvery- the resurrection of Jesus Christ


Our Purpose

JEM Ministries is committed to share God's love with people of all cultures and to help them in areas where needed most, like Spiritual, Hunger, Education, Poverty, Child Abuse, Vocational Training, and Disaster Relief. We exist to advance the cause of Christ, through ministries that educate, build character, and show people there is hope in the midst of their problems.


Goods and Material


We receive food, new school supplies and toys year round and distribute them to families in need. You may see the list of food items we need here Please contact us to arrange pick up or drop off.
We have been building the community center out of our own funds and our donors' generous support. We need construction material to finish building our orphanage, medical clinic, and office. In area where construction is close to finish, we need equipment and furniture to make the space fully operational. You may see the full list here.

Please consider donating these items if you own a business of building supplies or appliances. You may also donate other functional construction items. JEM Ministries is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization, and we will provide receipt of your donations.

God is Great

J.E.M. Ministries

"I am the bread of life ..."
John 6:3