Land in El Paso

Most of our in-kind donations come locally from the El Paso, TX area or within the US. While we take the donations across the border as efficiently as we could, and partner with other local non-profit to distribute supplies to El Pasoans in need, we often have goods stacked in our home and a couple of trailers. In the mean time, we operate from our home, which prevents us from having regular business hours.

We believe that these resources can be more effectively sorted, organized, and distributed if we have a space that is dedicated to this effort. An office will also enable us to serve with regular business hours while separating our family life from ministry work.

We are looking for a piece of small property on the east side of El Paso. We plan to install an office and park two trailers that are used to temporarily store donations and construction supplies. Once the operation is established, local agencies and individuals may come in and select the supplies they need. If you recognize our cause and have a piece of property that may be put to use, please let us know. It will be a blessing to us.